Friday, March 23, 2007

Look here!!!

my birthday wish list

all items here : preferable green or any other colour BUT NOT PINK

- victoria secrets Steve Madden® criss-cross sandal green size 5.5
- victoria secrets Report®Platform espadrille sandal
- Macbook pro white
- Ed hardy products (top or Rhinestone Cap cap) or Vouchers
- converse snickers or Vouchers
- Guess handbag
- glossy wedges
- adidas products (shirts and bags)
- guitar bag
- plain black backpack
- IP zone yellow belt
- slimming vouchers
- drumset
- halter neck demin vest
- Sunglasses(prefer those big ones)
- vic firth drumsticks.
- vintage charm necklaces and other acessories from Diva
- thumbdrive (at least 256MB)
- zildjian top
- laptop bag
- IKEA vouchers