Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Saint B mp3-player

Flash-player in a chrome-plated steel body frame. Control elements and OLED-display are covered by flexible, semi-transparent plastic. A log in to the computer and charging are via USB port.

i want it!!!

too bad this is publish in US webby.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Chocolate Fondue

Note: this event took place last monday
sorry guys... and gals too. been busy with my attachment at Apple. how was it? pretty fine , like the environment , like the iPod and MacBook ... tell u guys next time whereby i can flash my office pic here. and please ar, dun ask me for discount on Apple Products!

parade of pictures in chocolate fondue party!!!:

jen cut the apple. she looks like advertising the apple.

posing with the apple

jen cutting the apple. be careful!!!

the fatty me, smashing the chocolate into small bits

woot~ yummy, even it is not melted(thats Van Houtan Semi-sweet chocolate)

Oh the chocolate is melting! cant wait to dip it in!!

Royal seedless grape, strawberries, Apple and mashmallow

posing for the camera.

i dont know why people say it is so sinful but its a heavenly experience!

Chiong arh!!!! we 3some cant wait to dip the food in!!!!

Argh~~~ beware of housefly , my dear.

me and jen posing ...

per and jen

me and jen again

we loving it!!!!!

this is Mr Mashmallow,Mr Apple and Miss Strawberry before they went into the chocolate hot bath.

this is Mr Mashmallow,Mr Apple and Miss Strawberry after they went into the chocolate hot bath.

jenjen , we not ready for snapshot lah!

Jennifer Lee Shi Hui

Perlie Lee Mei Xian

and who else can this be , Me , Ee Kai Li

Chocolate Fondue aftermath

just US!

we look like Siamese triplets

final picture showdown!!!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

advertisment flash on legacy-maker channel

Please support this campaign:


hmmm... i think i should put a advertisement board on my side bar. hee~

Thursday, October 19, 2006

seem like i not been blogging. i dont know what to blog. even i wanna blog , i have something to say , just that the stupid blogger.com always lag or what.

anyway , brief description about my life:
i ending my contract with workplace(which is a bank) by tomorrow!!!! next wednesday , it will be my fresh new start in Apple Computer Company!!! finally i could get out of the old antique technology in a "bank".(did i mention the company in earlier post?) why would i said that? can you imagine, all computers are using :

Pentium 3!!! (thank God is not pentium 2)running on ONLY 128 MB of RAM and mind you , storage media is DISKETTE, the 3.5 floppy disk. whats worse , they are using dial-up internet connection running on 56k modem~~~ Somebody , somebody , oh my GOSH~ somebody kill me please!!!anyway , i looking forward to use Apple:

think different, wow~

i came across this while searching for relevant pictures:


Friday, October 13, 2006

to add on to my previous post...

" Breakthrough is when you are WILLING to pay the prize"

a pregnant women was pregnant with " potential".
in order to give birth to "potential", she must go through pains to give birth.
the prize you pay ,the sacrifices you make, it must touch your heart.
then , revival will come.
so what have you decide to give in the Arise and Build?

Monday, October 09, 2006

"God will never give something that you are not willing to take"

you know , these phrase impacted me alot.
As a christian , there are times we come across people that are "unlovable" , " nerdy" or whatever that may leave us with a not-so-good impression of them. thus , we have a tendency to be less passionate towards them.

Especially for my dear friends who is serving in Cell group actively , no matter what kind of new soul that come to us , be it to be gangster , problematic or emotional... they are still the ones God want us to reach out to them. this is what i call Agape love , unconditional love.

if you are desire to be high above others, or to be a leader for the Lord but you tell God: "God, i want to be this-and-that leader , i want my members to be talented , i want to sit back and relax... etc" again , God is not going give you something as long as you are not willing accept the responsibility.

Pastor says :
Divine Empowerment comes with acceptance of responsibility.
i can rephrase ...
Divine Empowerment comes when you are willing to take responsibilites.

lets put it to another example: there is a man who is not so talented in drumming , yet he willing to work hard and another man who is so talented but not willing to improve , so who is the one that the teacher will teach? the man who is not so talented. why? because of his willingness , his good attitude.

Friends, let us enlarge our heart to be more passionate for the lost.

one group of people that i respect them with Salute: CHC Jams church workers.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

oh man! all thanks to some fellows in Indonesia who burn the woods for some of their business thingy,and now , its making the whole singapore so hazy and very hazy. i called the weather forecast to check the PSI for the Haze, it was only merely PSI 69, oh my goodness. i look outside at the haze condition and its more like PSI 120 to 150 loh! weather forecast so in accurate. my dad is having some sore throat and Jessie might have her asthma work-up again. we gonna be a passive smoker overnight!

kai li !!! stop procrastinating la!!!
alright... praying for good weather and protection and divine health upon my love ones.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Motivational poster? wahahah~

haha.... i laugh until i peng!!! nah, take from here, dont say i never share! can be an ideal gift for friends!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

stuck at home to rest for the past "fantastic" 4 days. when i come online , everybody ask me the same question. thanks for your concern friends, i will recover soon!!!

i almost lost my current job because of my injury, thank God i have a great boss who wants me to come back after i use up my one week hospitalisation leave.

if you ask me the injury still painful , sad to say , yes it is. I believe it will be recover soon. my next appointment will be 3 weeks from now, and for the next 3 weeks , i cannot take out the bandage! the doctor told me not to walk too much , dun stress my foot , if not i will take longer time to recover. i think this injury is gonna cost me a bomb,even though to the majority is small amount.

Monday, October 02, 2006

browsing around at heidi's blog ( maintain by bro Boon.) hahah. saw some pictures and which is so cute and inspire me to do something to it...

from this...


in addition, i did somemore, hahaha...if heard of the movie the devil wears prada. what about the angel wears Crocs?lolx.... here we are....

haha!!!! i'm so creative!!