Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Poor dogs in halloween day. They keep blinking their eyes. so kawaii!!!


Readers Note: Some things in the past worth mentioning :]

i have not been blogging for the past 6 months!!! that's freaking long! well, i was too busy with one event after another , until i have no time or too tired to blog.(or rather no motivation.)

after my birthday post , i seem to stop blogging. hahahaa.

Month of May:
i worked at City Development Limited as a Temp admin job with a pathetic salary. i ended the contract on mid.

Apart from the pathetic job, 23rd may is my Poly Graduation Day~
suffered and scrape through the tough 3 years in TP though is a stressful experience , i made alot alot of friends and enjoyed myself in this 3 years at the same time.This is my diploma certificate. All thr 3 years of Hard work is for this piece of paper. Hahaaa~

We finally graduated. Praise the Lord! They both are my best buddies through out this 3 years.

Month of June:

Emerge 2007:
for this year Emerge , i am more involve in the logistics aspect for Strikeforce performance.
this year is pretty spectacular. other than more exciting event and competitions , we have celebrities like Liu gen hong , Vivi and even Faye from F.I.R. in addition , Project superstars like Darren Tan and Diya came and sing and Tony Royster Jr the young famous drummer!

most of this singers and celebrity said the same thing to encourage the congregation, the same line that most of them say is :

"Do not care what other say or do, Never give up on your dreams"

even for last year taufik and Hong Jun Yang said that too!
They all started with a dream before they become who they are right now.

Singapore Drumfest 2007:

Never heard of this event right? haha, Next year will have another one again, So dont miss it!
This event is an event of all the famous drummer that you can name and know of come together and jamming!!! haha, Drummers like Jimmy Lee (Stefenie Sun 's drummer), Mohd Noor , Jojo meyer , Tony Royster Junior , Grant Collins ,Gordan Campbell etc!

from left : Jimmy Lee, JoJo Meyer and Gordan Campbell

Month of July and October:
i got a place in SIM RMIT. Start school in July. To my surprise , at least 6 to 7 current coursemates are from TP and same course as me!

As of today i studying for my final paper of my first semester. haha.