Saturday, July 12, 2008


Hey Hey Hey ! Yo Yo Yo!

I know I know , no updates right? Thought of moving my blog to wordpress but well , i lazy to do that! haha.

Well I started school which is not something I look forward.
Sometimes i wish i could do something i like. Perhaps i got to treasure whatever i have now. ( Oh-so-brief this section)

I have been active in , whereby you get to know who lives near you! ( what the hell I talking about , i saying the obvious!) Met all kinds of friends (all kinds of guys i mean) , some school mates and some old friends ! it takes up part of your time to hangout with them , but well , its worth the investment, it is for the Great Commission sake!

haha , how many "but well " i have mention?

Looking back on what i have done for the past half a year of 2008.
Nothing honourable to mention but i just got to make this next half of the year the best year yet!

ADVERTORIAL : A great friend of mine working as chef at Gyoza No Osho, order their Tamago Ramen ! its super delicious , i kinda miss eating that! Aiya no pictures for it! The Japanese restaurant is at 38 Circular Road , Boat Quay .(Shoose, i gonna make my friend work like crazy!)

Using my computer desktop , cant upload any pictures.Aww...

Boring entry? But well , Thats all folks!


did i just said "but well"again ?