Monday, July 31, 2006

*wails* my favourite bronze bead necklace SPOIL~~~
why should i cry over a non- living thing huh?

heard the song of Tiger Lily by Matchbook romance?
is a sobby song.
but i have a new title of my own song,
it is Lion Rose~ wahaha.the definition? one day you will found out soon!

if you realize you still have some unforgiveness or anything tat hurt you,
Don't Nurse it. A 3 words principle.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pastor mike conell services was an awesome encounter with the Lord. seriouslt , i dont even know there some"things" inside me~ (ahem) yea~ wats next step for every christian after inner healing?

in Matthew 12:45
"Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter and dwell there; and the last state of that man is worse than the first. So shall it also be with this wicked generation."
waaa...... take heed of this advice. guard your heart. standing in the righteous of God.
someone email me this and i edit and combine this series of pictures:

oh my goodness~ superman in Doraemon , MyMelody , Winnie the Pooh , sarong, Hello kitty , hottie and the Ballet !!!! if Ian see , he is gonna faint~not jus this , there are more~, it just below:

is that Da chang Jin? haha , he looks pretty cool in the korea suit. the posh looking and he carry a branded hangbag i suppose, Gucci bag?

Saturday, July 29, 2006

saw this from jen jen blog, decided to play with it:

Task: Name 20 names tt appear in your mind right now (Gal,boi alternate)

14.cai li
15.mei mei
19.Darren sim

i. How close is [1] with you?
~my dearest and closet cg member( emm... under same leader but diff cg)

ii. Do uthink [6] n [7] will be together?
~OMG... haha. cant be, cos 7 is engaged

iii. Are [8] n [11] close?
~100% NO, one is my elder sis the other is my cg member

iv.Your relationship wif [15]?
~my kaki in poly

v. Relationship wif [16]?
~sinman.... another dearest sis in my the other cg

vi. Color when see/hear [5]?
~black? ( think she is gonna strangle me)

to be continued......

vii.Item when see/hear [5]?

viii.person u would intro [3] for friends.
~Darryl teo

ix.person u would intro [20] for friends.
~jeremy? hmmmm...

x. If [2] confess to u,wat would u do?
~wahaha~ *peng* for me to know and for u to find out

xi. Describe [4]'s character.
~MY PCGL , wat else can i say abt him? he is awesome

xii. Describe [9]'s character.
~simple-minded , pure yet a friendly gal

xiii. wat do u n [8] always chat abt?
~hmmm... cell grp stuff? and personal stuff i guess. one of those fren tat i share my inner stuff occasionally.

xiv. wat do u n [11] talk abt?
~my elder sis... family and MONEY and SHOPPING

xv.wat's e most memorable thingy abt u n [19]?
~ turning our IT competition lab upside down...wahaha~

xvi. most memorable thingy abt u n [10]?
~haha... he is my sch-mates , we are mere aquaintance, quiet guy yet got my attention.

xvii. who's [13] to u?
~my darling in Strikeforce

xviii. who's [12] to u?
~My good fren in strikeforce too. but lately we seldom tok. hai~

xix. wat's [17]'s fav pasttime?
~ sleep? lolx, oh ya , biking and bike stunts

xx.whixh is closest among all?
~hee... dun wanna say who. i have my answer le worx

Friday, July 28, 2006

i was chionging my presentation for tomorrow CMSK4 class just now. man , this subject is real dumb. at this hour , still doing this presentation and i have to wake up at 6 plus in morning! haha... been reading my frens blog lately. most of them are in the same boat as me. toking school and project and work ,school and project and work ,school and project and work ...and Stress. haha.... when i come to see my blog, i jus realize the semester is ending one month time! better stop procrastinate, work hard & smart!tmr i gonna be a walking zombie. i think tmr go school library level 4 big squarish sofa and zzzZZZ~

having some "fun" with this flash:

so sickening right? ha!
suddenly , a topic came across my mind: "Gothic"
recently , typical singaporean siao gi na(gangster) are on the " gothic " track. not alot of people could carry off gothic, for instance:

avril lavigne.... pretty~ ahem, she could carry off the gothic style. she slim bah i guess... gothic suppose to look a little weakling , sickly... look at jue dui superband of Channel U, the band Lucify is a good example.
On the contrary, if its a fat or plump person in a gothic style:

they look like panda... zhen de, i saw one on the street before at downtown. haha... this is a topic that i discuss with pui and jen few weeks back...


Thursday, July 27, 2006

again my late night blogging.
before i chiong my project of my business elective, i realized i'm easily stress. i could vent my things to my buddy and my leader(OMG!) for no reason. i'm sorry guys... pls pardon me, cause i having PMS(what's tat? you dont know? ask a gal). i'm serious , due to my weird body condition ...

i foresee that the next one month i'll be stretch like never before. every week will have submission of the letter "P" , P for PROJECT.i realize every post will have one small little corner shouting and ranting and screaming on the letter, "P"!especially for my major project , i learning Visual Basic and i going bonkers soon with two programming language on hand. others learn over months and i pick up in a WEEK!!!! whatever it the grace of God, this semester coming to end soon! bear with it , kai li , you can do it with God who are the Lord of possibles.

i have a dream , but this dream will be delay due to my calling. God is beautiful in His time, it tells me how impatient i am. by next year , i gonna buy a Drum Set!call me reckless or watever , i gonna do it! seriously , sometimes i feel intimidated to stand up among good drummers, just an area of low self-confidence. on the contrary , in cell group i dont felt this way as helper to my leader. some drummers i do really respect, some.. shall not comment further~ like what Taufik Batisah says in our Emerge conference :"people may critcise you , look down on you , dont care about them , run after your dream." God is God of choices , He give us EXTRA personal space to think , to dream , to reflect about anything,nobody could do that on this earth .

time to chiong the "P".( for i am a chiong-ster, LOLX)

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

laughter, the best medicine.
this animation show how stupid can a human be, when the door cant be open by push , pull loh!

Monday, July 24, 2006

i blogging from school...for the first time.

ponder and wept the whole night , i decided to move on.
i dont to be Lot's wife, neither i want to Judas.
i lift up my burden into Your loving hand.
give me the boldness to move on,
the courage to press on.
no matter what the things will turn out to be
i will still cling onto You.

i just realized i have alot of project deadlines that is coming up. kai li , ganbatte!!! with God all things are possible.

(no more solitude)

as i open the playlist of all worship song , tears begin to roll down my cheek and i could hardly breath.And i could hardly see the keyboard as the tears are overwhelming.listening to this song "Still" by Hillsong , it reminds me of how God deliever me from every single tribulation that i go through. His grace and mercy is sufficient for my weaknesses. He love me the way i am even i made Him sad many times. "when the ocean rise and thunders roar , I will soar with you above the storm".

"Lord,forgive them . For they do not know what they doing"
My heart was wounded with slashes. it still bleeding.
i realise my mistake is fatal when i was a leader.
i love them just like Jesus love His disciples.
i repented for all the ways.
PLEASE , let me have a peace of it,PLEASE!
few are loyal, one i took her loyalty for granted.

i turn my eyes upon Jesus, wonder What Would Jesus Do.
as the people slander and mock against Jesus , even to cruxifition.
How Jesus responded?

i want to stop crying...

an hour later....
in all things , i give thanks to the Lord.
i wanna be semi-solitude for the next few days, until i recover~
i'll be back~ :]

Saturday, July 22, 2006

haha, been blogging lately.
i am a postcard freak, i have a collection over 800 to 900 plus postcard.( really! i count!)
i use to write card to my frens in a regular basis but nowadays i get too busy, dun hav the time to write. yesterday i went to take some free postcard from TP design school , on my way back with my sick stomach , i take a look on the cool postcards i took .
SUDDENLY , i hear someone talking me, sound like God:
"write a postcard to the one that who you find difficult to 'love' "
i answered:
"Wu nia boh?ask me to write to the one?God , You must joking ba. at times is beyond what i can do to love the person , i have lifted up the person into Your hand le leh."
He reply:
"Matthew 5:23-24, kai li"
i said:
" Awww....that verse again~"
i begin to ponder...
His words are short and sweet but powerful.agree? He say one word, we say whole dictionary of words.that's the problem with human, procrastinate more , do less.(admit it ba , my frens who is reading this post)But God is the reverse, He is doer more than a "talker" or hearer.
i think i gonna do according to what He says is right...


(Nike Tagline)

knowing what's the best for you is to show you how much i love you.
the joy of the now is running out, the infinite misery is coming,
it will run out if i didnt make right decision
He is calling out for me , i don't want to ignore Him anymore!

My lovely child , where are you?
My lovely child, Your Dad is calling out for you.
My lovely child, stop hidding like Adam.
no matter how far you are from home,
you are still within My hands of protection.

Tears shed while blogging this post
hearing His sovereign voice non-stop as i wrote
kai li ~kai li~ You are the one I called
come with a heart without condemnation.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

it took me nearly an hour to log in here.OMG
my semester coming to end soon with unfinished projects and presentations and reports coming up.

Despite most of the leaders are away for taiwan emerge last week, i stand in the gap for my leader.
i was praying, " Lord , i don't want the attendance drop , neither i wanna maintain the number in the cell group, i wanna GROW!"
true enough, it came to pass.(say WOW, say it backwards! lolx)
nah, one brand new friend for friendship connection, the friend is rather open to Gospel.(Thank God!)
as last week was a healing preacher , Rev Che An, the-one-or-two-weeks-giddy spell gone instantly right after the service!(all glory to Him, Amen!)
i can say it was the one of most stretched season i ever experience.

back to my school stuff
awww.... i rather getting low moral as the project going up to a tougher stage. my left ear is gonna rotten( to those who know, you would get the joke)
one phrase to describe i really feel:
ahem , sorry i was making a fleshly/carnal comment i guess, or maybe not.
i discovered a book in my room of mountain-ous dump:
"Who's pushing your buttons - handling the difficult people in your life"
by Dr.John Townsend

a book of the right season i suppose, machiam like i found some historical treasure.ha!

i recall something that God ask me this year:
" kai li , what kind of Cell group you wanna lead in future?"
my response was... * JAW DROPPED AND HIT LOUDLY TO THE GROUND*... & stare at God blankly.
while pushing my jaw back into place, i tell God what i really desire
"God, i wanna lead a group of MUSICIANS whose heart are for the Lost , Whose mind are of the will of God, that we as a cell group can go to marketplace , for the marketplace and penetrate to the marketplace in the area of ARTS"
i couldnt believe what i just tell God about what i want! one of the conversation that i never forget.apparently , those who are under my discipleship and those who are on my "reaching out" list are good with at least one musical instrument.
what is God's response , seriously i cant remember anything or He is YET to response.
" In Jesus name i pray, AMEN!" i ended the prayer.

jeremy share one story me before , it was rather interesting:

leader A:" i wanna be a great doctor "
leader B :" i wanna be the president of United States"
leader C:"i wanna be a great preacher "
leader D:"i wanna be the leader of all 3 of them that is mention above"

i wanna be leader D. lolx

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

behold , my sister on her semester break. on a 12 hours elongated car ride to Melbourne from the city of Adelaide( i think i spell wrongly)!!! she is such a fortunate chic!! never mind never mind, when she is back , it will be her turn to pay for me my holiday expenses!! wahaha!!

enough of my craps, let me exhibit some of the pictures that she took in the whole trip!

* drumrolls*
*Cymbals kiang*

wah... cant remember when was the last time i ever see the real snow or i NEVER see b4. i think i did , ICE KACHANG!! lolx

wow... cable cars. but the sky is alittle scary.... raining soon.

the girl in black is my sister, the other is her best pal , the way , the wedges she wore, she copy me buying b4 she left for australia! You such a copycat!!! i own one b4 her! blehx!

Oh My Goodness! beautiful right?the conbination of green , brown and blue paints greatly to this picture. how i wish i'm there!
oh my , oh my~ admiring God's creation. He is such a great painter! i felt like diving into the picture! * bang! kana hit the monitor screen*

koala bear. can you see?can you see?

this kangaroo is lying on a sexy position. lolx

cute!!!! this is different from what you see in Looney Toons!
the city of Melbourne!! i saw new bag!! ahem! remember to buy something back for me!

* eye poppin* they are going against Issac Newton Apple theory!!!

* Eye popping and Faint~* pig head for dinner! lolx. better dun let my parents see if not they wil faint too!

after so much showcase of pictures, how my sister looks like??hmmm...


i know what you guys thinking... we dun look alike right??? i know she looks better than me but i have a better character!lolx

Monday, July 03, 2006

one was hit with high blood pressure
another with multiple fracture after car accident
one almost got an injury
the shepherd of this band fall ill in taiwan
despite of so many attacks
we choose to praise the Lord
that we proclaim His goodness and mercy
before a birth of breakthrough
a series of trials and tribulations come after another
however this will not be our stumbling block
its gonna be our stepping stone
when the shepherds are away
we are to rise up and stand in the gap

Prophet Isaiah says
"When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against them".(Isaiah 59:19[NKJV])

"but no weapon that can hurt you has ever been forged. Any accuser who takes you to court will be dismissed as a liar. This is what God's servants can expect. I'll see to it that everything works out for the best." God's Decree. "(Isaiah 54:17[the Message])