Saturday, April 29, 2006

the trinity of oyster

i still sick as usual and it is few hours b4 N241 saturday CG. the night before i was sharing to someone about the oyster story by Ee Kai Li(hahaha!).

---> this is an oyster. i know it look delicious, lets go back to the main point. yeah , the parts of the oyster that we can eat is the meat inside (Definitely not the shell), the stuff that we can treasure is the pearl.

our life and our trinity being is just like this oyster. the shell as your body , what others see on the outside of you, the meat as the soul and the pearl as the spirit.

nobody will know whether the meat is still fresh until they open up and see. Some are rotten(yeeks!) , some are ready to be serve(yummy). those rotten one will produce pungent smell and thats y we find some people "stinks"!(agree?). same situation in ministry, position is just the shell . character , attitude and your relationship with God is being the meat and the pearl. we always hear this from pastor , "cornerstone of our character" , cornerSTONE = pearl.the pearl in the oyster takes time to produce,character that is the "hardest" part to master and it takes time to cultivate. what substain the VALUE of the oyster is the pearl,this true for us. the things that substain us is our character. i do met people carry the "shell" around, how pathetic.

which option are you??:

  1. empty shell
  2. shell with rotten meat
  3. oyster( shell , meat and pearl)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

haha... change a little of my blog layout and the skin colour , plus my tagboard also change colour. soon , i wil be using a new blogskin which was done by julia. ( love ya!)

falling sick for the past one week and not totally recovered, what a bad beginning to start my school term.

ignorance towards problems = irresponsible.
how true. my new conviction

roaming around the crossroad
do not know where to go
staring at both signboard
that will change my destiny

the choice i make now
will cause my dream to die
a dream that i always wanting to be
but i have to let it die

for He is faithful
and gave me greater dreams
and open my eyes to see
what i can be more than i dream of

my dream is more than about me, its about Him, the Man who carried the eighty kilogram Cross.

Monday, April 24, 2006

my school term has start and i am NOT excited about it.

Friday, April 21, 2006

After my last day of work (18 april)for CPF progress package customer service officer, i rush down to esplanade to me my poly gals plus my gang of girls. we meet pretty late at night at 8plus. we went to this tea-cake boutique call the V Tea Room .
images of the V Tea Room:

the V Tea Room has a european tea hous setting , the utensil and furniture and decoration
these food we ate:

the actual size of this Delicious Smoked Salmon Omelette is about the size of your both hands . the salmon is taste like the sashimi which we can taste the inner most riches of salmon taste. for salmon lovers like me, this will make you feel high!~

oh man ,this is a feast for Vegetarian! there's not beef in it as you see the name of the dish. it is mixed with button mushroom , shitake mushroom and another i-dun-know-whats-the-name mushroom which is in the size of a women arm.

the mask looks a little out of place.

Darren and the White Mask.

Hui qin drinking the European Apple tea

hee hee, tat's me tasting the food.

Mr Shegar , General manager of the V Tea Room, chatting with Mr Darren Sim.

after tasting so many Delicious food, we have a chance to eat thier signature cookies. cookies have the flavour of rose , lavender.And usually all this smell is from outside in , now is inside out. we even taste LAKSA(?!?!) cookies, Hebi hian( shrimps) , vanilla pod cookies... too many bizarre cookies to mention.

a great thanks to mei mei for bringing us to this great place. the service there make you feel like a royalty plus the atmosphere is great.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

took the voucher that Denise and Nick has given me for this bag. cool right? i love it. thanks to you both! *huggs*.

the camera-man hand is lil' shaky.
haha... tat's me, carry the bag . the green stuff on my right hand is crumpler handphone pouch.

Monday, April 17, 2006

He had no servants yet they called Him Master.
No Degrees yet they called Him Teacher.
No Medicine yet they called Him Healer,
No armies yet kings feared Him.
He won no military battles yet He conquered the world.
He committed no crime , yet they crucified Him.
He was buried in a tomb yet He lives today.
Feel honoured to serve such a Leader.
His Name is JESUS of Nazareth.

Friday, April 14, 2006

One day you are not back to Him
He will never shut the doors of heaven
No matter how long it takes
He is always there waiting for you

in this easter, my greatest news i can share to you , my dear friends.

so here I am on My knees
in the Garden of Gethsemane
will You take this cup from My hands
here I'm praying all I can

My lovely twelve have fallen asleep
they still can't stay an hour with M
every soon the guards will arrive
they want Me dead but they'll take Me alive

as a fight ensue, and one lost an ear
I still love him and he'll know Me a healer
I look at one as they drag Me away
there was Judas without a word to say

I was sent to one who looked lost at Me
he proclaimed no guilt in Me
the rest of them wanted Me dead
he washed his hands off this matter instead

as they tore those stripes right on My back
thirty nine stripes on Me to be exact
I knew in eternity there would be no time
and one of them denied Me three times

on the Via Dolorosa, the Way of Suffering
some mocked Me, while some were crying
an eighty kilogram cross on My back
as a thorny crown rests on My head

nailed to the very cross I carried
lifted up for the world to see
I know that this death was temporary
this time it was the sin of the world on Me

I went down to hell to claim what's Mine
the souls of the ones who were lost in time
the keys of hell is now in My hands
the devil has no right to attempt

so now here I am for the world to see
as I ascend to where I should be
one day the sun will lose it's flames
then the world will know who truly reigns

written by: Ian Lim.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

who shall I send
who will go for Me
to the ends of the earth
who will rise up for the King

here am I , send me.

i saw the backstage works of easter performance. its alot of sweat and effort put in to put up and set up the stage.i was helping out with my fellow strikeforce members. after then, left me, ian & darryl have our dinner together.

we have Oyster omelette, ba chou mee , mutton cum chicken cum beef satay and a big mug of sugar cane juice. the place we eat is call wat bedok 85 i guess. i agree with ian , the ba chou mee is real nice ! shall go there eat again next time!

someone, who has rejected to become a cgl 3 times for being ask by his leaders. wow, his reason is :" this is not what God wants me to do now"

when opportunity comes , we might just take it without asking God about it.
this happens to almost every single one of us , especially promotion in ministry.

Opportunity + wrong timing = everything bad.

how true. this is what i call he who fears the Lord our God shall prosper.

no one has the right to label us as failure except God, so you just shut up shut up , just shut up shut up!
i know its wrong for me to react this way. i rather lose this friendship than letting it affect my spiritual growth.
sorry for label someone who is a spoiler. you are forgiven :]

Monday, April 10, 2006

geylang is more than a man's favourite hang out, its also a food paradise. with my few strikeforce darling-> julia & denise, we have a great feast!

i forgot to take pictures of the food. we have oyster omelette , stir-fry sliced fish with mixed veggie and beef hor fun! yummy and YUMMY!

i received another birthday gift , a $100 CRUMPLER voucher! love denise & nick lots! muack muack! haha. anyway , this year birthday is a memorable one!

gals , lets have dou jiang you tiao for our next dinner fellowship!

a little rant:
a person with good attitude is open to correction
a person with good attitude does not think they are always right
a person who is mature does not make a big fuss over small matter
a person who is mature will submit to authority

so are you the one i just mention above ?

i being taken for granted for my friendship , he is a my birthday spoiler!

hell knows no fury like a woman's wrath.

you better dont dare me! you have just stepped onto my tail!
i wanna be forgiving...

Sunday, April 09, 2006

the harvest is here but the labourers are a few.

how true.

this quote is a verse from bible. we often comdemmed the lost instead of salvage them. we often focus on their attendance and neglected their life. in allow the power of God to move in your frens u reaching out, alot of things we need have breakthru before we can reach out effectively.

its often that fear grip us , afriad of rejection , afriad of losing the frenship after invitation from you.however, it is always we make the first step and often things turn better than as you thought.

admiting your weakness is not losing your self-worth , yet is true humanity for those people who wants to be successful in kingdom of God , the power to break the yoke of pride is admiting your weaknesses and change.

to say, i am weak. but He who is in me is Strong.

i have met people that they will never allow people to correct them on their weaknesses , they will result in insecurity and attention-seeking. how sad it would be if the person is someone you call them as " good fren".

anyway , enough of my thoughts.

today i just saw arthur's and reid's new hair colour. one red , one green , machiam like traffic light. ( trying to get their pictures and post it here). ian's one is cool , his hair machiam set on fire. for edwin , he such a poor thing, he only can happy for a few hours of his new red hair colour then after that he have to dye black as he is still in NS. awww.... so sad. saw bro boon de, real cool and stylo as he carry off real well. i think i'll dye my hair a week before emerge conference!

for all the revelations i been writing in this blog , 95% of it is my personal revelation.

hey friends, i have alot of additional pictures on my birthday post, feel free to have a look.

Friday, April 07, 2006

ice age 2- hilarious and funny amd enjoyable movie. some parts of the movie has biblical concepts , concepts of Noah's ark and Moses part the red those who have watch the movie, all the arctic animal walking towards the wooden boat( sort of, but its not a wooden boat actually) that salvage them from the flood. another part is where scrat the sabred-tooth squrriel, it "part" the ice berg which allows the water to flow out. haha...

manny needs to listen to pst kong msg on choosing the right partner as he wonder tat elly is the gal for him.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

come here to blog a little. suppose to be my solitude(sabbath) day, all thanks to miss nurul that today i got to work.anyway , its ok ,afterall, but i could understand how it feels to work 8 days consecutively in a row. from today onwards , it will be one-man shift, i probably bring all my snacks , books and MP3 to maximise the time over there.

i happened to drop by at enoch's blog:

Purpose has pain with it. Sometimes the pain associated with purpose, is when you have to make sacrifices of your time, of your money, of your energy. When you have to say no when everybody else is having fun, and you have to say no, because you are focused on your purpose.- A. R. Bernard

i totally agree. Purpose has pain with it where by you have to say NO to unfruitful relationships, because you are focused on your purpose.

got to go for work.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

hmmm... what to write for today? today is the friendly chap stanwin's last day of work.kinda se bu de him to go though we work for 2 days together. further more , from today onwards , the shift will be one-man show.wont be too boring cos there are other CC staff so stil quite okay la. kids there are really really very cute wor! but i seem to be quite unpopular among the kids unlike jia wei and stanwin.

tmr i will be solitude, so pls pls , dun msg me unless is something urgent.


he who decides knows the right way
he who does not decides lost his way
making decision is not easy
to be truthful is to be set free

love God with truthful and sincere heart
deception will hurt Him much
for He first love us
why don't we listen to Him in the first place?

to obey is better than sacrifice
to be truthful rather than deceitful
truth may hurts
but deceitful hurts more

listen to Him in the first place
thus you will not lost your way.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

this morning , i went with julia to have a haircut at chinatown. she do her rebonding , i have my haircut. the hairstylist abit duh... keep touching my hair and say " xiao jie , your hair very nice to touch , soft and silky" . despite i din get my desired hairstyle i want but my hair seems to become much softer. lolx . human is hard to please. i wish to have warvy hair as i have super straight hair . for people with curly hair , always wanted to have straight hair. human beings are so mah fang, agree? to annouce to everybody...
Everybody has been question about my hair and eyes. couldnt blame, God created me to have "perfect" or i should say good condition features.( thick-skinned, i am)

my new haircut worx.
image by Kaibernacle @ macromedia fireworks MX

thank God for peggie , julia and edwin for blessing me a book on my birthday, Drawing Near by John Bevere. the word pierced my heart like a double-edged sword. i have read until the 2nd chapter.Communicate with Him is more than asking Him to bless us , it is to know Him and love Him, the greatest thing you can have in your life.

so guys , lets learn to be like moses in book of genesis and samuel in the book of samuel. their obedience pleases God. For moses, when he saw the burning bush which is not comsume , he did not step back but take off his sandal and move forward. for samuel , he thought Eli called him "samuel". so he responded fast. it show how steadfast is he the moment he was called.i believe in life , Holy spirit might prick you over alot of things . at times , it is always the unfruitful desires that cause us to doubt Him.

Question yourself for what i have just said.
the above context is done by me. not copyright from anyway .

my rant: i'm feeling free for being truthful.ahem...

Monday, April 03, 2006

i have nothing to say about work as is pretty tiring . Bored to DEATH. nothing to do will also make you feel tired. for only few days of work.

uncle cow, you have a interesting name arh! stanley + edwin = ???????.

a long day yet fruitful

attending second service in the morning , awesome service by pastor Richard roberts. i witnessed the power of God heal His people that demostrate His mercy and love. deaf hears , pain gone... etc.

in the afternoon , went for a lunch with the close ones at Rocky Master , Singapore Expo. :] ( you know who you are)

at night , Strikeforce ministry sing a birthday song for me. after training , i went to have fellowship with my fellow jie mei & brothers.

i even meet up with wei li . to wei li: thanks for making the effort to arrange a meeting with me. i appreciate ! (unlike someone heartless, you know who i talking about)

this is from kangWei

from wei li! thanks gal!

its from a guy, no la, its from my one of the besties in poly , hui qin.
handmade roses, nice right? look like real one.

trendy golden bag from Famous5 gals ! love ya lots ! :]

drummers-must-have from claire!

body shop facial set from jaslyn , jasmine and alot to list! ha...

this is from julia , peggie and squrriel Edwin.

more pics to come....

Sunday, April 02, 2006

happy birthday ~

all praise to my Abba Father, an appointed day that He created me. since is my birthday , let me tell you the whole adventure of KaiLi's birth.

in 1986 1st April 8pm, a wonderful lady name maggie tan ( my mother la) having her chicken rice and suddenly she feel tummy pain. she went to the toilet and realized the water bag burst. this show something , i gonna come into this world! she was bearing the labour pain. to say , she is a lady of tenacity as she bear the pain for 8 hours! she was in difficulty to give birth to me.she was sent to pregnancy room then nursing room , and even ICU(Intensive care unit).

by april 2nd 4am, Ee Kai li was born and the waste my mum releases as the first object i met.(eeks..)

this is obviously told by my mum and is true story. :]

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Today is my first day of work at the community center which is about 10 mins walk from my house. the distance wise is good but the working hours is sucks!argh! whatever. i met different kinds of people at the community centre. make new guy friend but didnt have chance to exchange number , is alright , i hope one day i can met him few days later down the road.

"today testimony i wanna share is that i wanna thank God for blessing me a friend and he join me for service and now is with me for celll group. i wanna reach out to alot of my friends as much as i can, to glorify Him and to help to grow the cell group"

Raymond Cheng Chia Liang , age 11+ . members of N241.J-team

can you see the conviction of this boy??? it took me at the age of my upper secondary years to share such a convicting testimony. 3 cheers to Raymond and praise onto the Lord!

to those-who-know-who-they-are :
words could not express my gratittude towards you guys, thanks for running the race with me. thanks for the help that you guys has given me. most of all, i thank God for His goodness and His love for me. i love you brothers and sisters.

agape, kai li
supp papers grade :PASS!!! woot~