Wednesday, January 31, 2007

as you can see the previous post , i have got my new phone.
initially wanted the iPhone but i cant wait for long as my old phone is dying.

anyway , K800i is a 3.2 mega-pixel digital camera phone which i have aim for a month(short hur?). and of course , Miss Ee the photo freak here, i have took quite a number of pics

nice right? super sharp and i love sepia effects! btw , this is my office desk.
well , i need to go for facial soon. * OMG , eyebag!!!*

oh my , i simply love my phone! 3 layer of clothes, my office is a gigantic freezer.
3 pictures should be enough ba? i took more than that.

my new phone. waha~

Saturday, January 27, 2007

i was making N241 contact list today.

my design of the contact list was to have the phonelist paste behind the inspirational card. As i look through those card , the content of it has touched my heart

*Zooming in *

the card in blue and the heading "leadership" says:

A GOOD leader is one :

who dares to make the first move
who is able to translate vision in to reality
who is able to sense the winds of change and points in the right direction
who inspires and motivates his people
who develops people - ADDS
who develops leaders - MULTIPLIES!
who is able to keep cool under pressure
who is a MAN OF ACTIONS not jus words
who gives HOPE to others
who appeal to the Hearts of his people not their minds

Sunday, January 14, 2007

this is my final lap in my Diploma in IT course.
i ending with my attachment at Apple Inc. ( no longer Apple Computers Inc.)
i have been ....

mentally stretched...
physically stretched...
emotionally very stretched ...
spiritually super stretched...

i was trained C# programmer in school and expected to programme a business website using PHP. Got use to the "Drag-n-Drop" technology in Microsoft visual studio result in lack of knowledge to create website from scratch ( to create textbox or button by HTML or XHTML CODE only, not DRAG AND DROP). This is my mentally stretched

lack of exercise and lack of sleep result in weak health. physically stretched

i wacked the Apple mouse and my books and soft toys . i broke down couple of times due to the stress in Attachment.
facing temptation ( which i don't wish to elaborate) and trying hard to run away.
(because its not RIGHT TIME)
emotionally stretched

many times i depend my own , not on the Lord .
couple of times my time with You is compromised
spiritually stretched.

looking around among my peers, seem like i not the only one.
its a period where my faith is tested
where character is moulded
an iron ore going through fire furnace
to remove the impurities and become pure and strong iron

i not looking forward for the ending of the Attachment,
i'm yet maximise my purpose in marketplace.

a short Summary of what events take place in December in my life:

Vivo( as you see on previous post.)

secondly is SOT graduation.

thirdly , which i not in the event is my bro and mum journey to aussie
will update soon k with more pictures.