Monday, August 25, 2008

Healthy Foods That Will Make You Fat

I know i know , another long awaited blog updates.

I always been reading on the diet article and i would say HEALTHY Diet article ,whether i act out whatever it is stated in the article is another matter. oops! haha. I felt i should share to you guys about this articles about which i read it somewhere . haha . i'm sure some food you see in the list will shock you! hahaha.

1. Diet Soda
No soda of any kind is good for you, diet or not. Diet sodas create more insulin in your body which means more sugar. Diet soda also inhibits the hormone leptin which regulates your metabolism and appetite so you want to make sure you order your meals with water! That also helps you drink the correct amount of water per day.

2. Pretzels
Yes, pretzels. I know most people think that these are so much better for you than potato chips but they are made with enriched white flour which loaded with carbohydrates which as we all know we need to avoid as much as possible.

3. Fruit Juices

Having a refreshing glass of orange juice in the morning is a great start to the day right? Actually you are probably starting your day out horribly. Fruit juices have so much sugar in them and most of them are not actually fruit juices. Some only contain 5% natural fruit juice.Eat your fruits rather than drink the juice. (Citrus fruits contain a substance called D-Limonene which has been shown to promote the detoxification of estrogen.)

4. Complete Salad Kits
Most of these kits seem great for those who are too busy to cut up all the vegetables we like in a salad, however, most of the dressings can add on hundreds of calories and more fat than you want in a day. The light varieties are better.

5. Reduced-Fat Peanut Butter
Like a lot of the girls in the office, I also love my peanut butter. The reduced-fat variety seems like a great idea but the fact that what they remove is replaced with fillers and there is no calorie reduction with the fillers. Also the fat that is removed is the kind that is actually good for you. Yes, there is some good fat! If you just use a little less of the regular kind you’ll be a lot better off.

6. Poultry Hot Dogs
You would think hot dogs made with turkey or chicken would be so much better than the beef or pork dogs… WRONG! All hot dogs include skin and fat so you are not receiving any benefit from eating poultry dogs. If you are really looking for the better dog go for the low-fat or fat-free dogs, these may be a better alternative for your cookouts.

7. Cereal Bars
You can find a lot of cereal bars that are healthy, low-fat and are not loaded with calories, but you have to look. Most of the cereal bars at the grocery store are high in sugar and saturated fat. Make sure to read the labels for low fat, sugar and calorie content before you start your morning with an addition to your belly!

8. Frozen Yogurt
Most people hear the word yogurt and ask for seconds thinking that since it is yogurt it has to be good for you… WRONG! Most frozen yogurts have a lot of added sugar which means you're licking up extra calories. If you look for the low-fat frozen yogurt and go sparingly you can treat yourself every now and again.

9. Rice Cakes
So many people in my office say what a great filler-upper rice cakes are. Since they are low in fat you would think this would be a great thing to have. However, rice cakes can cause your blood sugar to spike and that can end up having your body store unwanted fat by slowing down the ability to burn it. Not only that but most people choose the flavored rice cakes which are loaded with sodium.

10. Granola
All those wonderful healthy things added together have to be good for you right? Well actually granola contains about 350 calories and 12 grams of fat per 3/4 cup. With all the sugar in it you can see how fattening it really is. Nowaday you can get the new low-fat or low-sugar granola that is not quite as bad to snack on.

so how do you feel after reading this ?