Thursday, November 08, 2007

the final paper is pretty tough man!!! how i wish i have a photographic brain that i can take photograph of my notes , and when i need it , just click a button and the image will appear in my mind. haha, (wishful thinking!)Thank God is over now. starting work tmr.

So long~

Monday, November 05, 2007

Having my last paper on wednesday, super duper lerthagic, getting old le, hahah.

in my preparation of my exams, couple of things bring me through the exam period:

#1 : Work space , thats obvious , with a table lamp for better eyesight.
#2 : Chocolates! in any form , Chocolate-coated mashmallows , milk or dark or white chocolate! i know this is a sinful pleasure but c'mon , one who need brain power to study, need something to hipe-up the brain! ha!
#3: PSP. thats my brother's. To study smart is to study hard and play harder! LOLX#4: The sotong "不求人" massager. You can get it less than 5 bucks from Mini toons!#5 : Comfortable Cushion for your back or to hug it~!

i am KO-ed

yea i know , my hairband make me look bald.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

My celebrities look-alike

To those who have voted for wee lie, i thank you guys on behalf of him. for those who didnt , ........ Never mind la , he got the most popular award!

I happened to drop by Millie's blog and one of entries caught my attention. My celebrities look-alikes, i was expecting her result should be look like Lin Yi Lian (sorry millie!). I decided to try it myself too! Here they are.....................

After i see the result , i peng on the floor sia!!! 75% of my feature look like BRITNEY SPEARS. i also look like Kaite leong, next time katie leong on MC for Harry Potter fliming i can be her replacement. haha!

That's all for today. i cant wait for wednesday to come, because is my final paper

Friday, November 02, 2007


Have you guys watched Star Search 2007 ?

if you guys havent watch , its time for you to REPENT!(Nah~ Kidding)

why am i so serious? because my friend is one of the contestants of star search!

who is my friend? ****Drumroll***


how do i know him? He is my primary school classmate. want proof ar? i will upload later. haha. i not lying really!

i hope you guys support this friend of mine. You know , he someone who is determined , perseverance , and "never say give-up" on his dream to be a star. Those who bought the latest I-weekly , you read it yourself and you know it. He may not be the best looking but he is modest and hardworking(unlike you-know-who.) in the star search blog , People has recognised his potential.

so how can you support him? You can send SMS to vote or call to vote! link for the voting info.

for sms : [contestant number] and send to 71199 . so the contestant number you must type S1 ok?hhaha , i so bias.

To call : 杨伟烈 S1 / 1900-112-5001
all calls and SMS cost 60cents each. kids that are 18 and below , please dont seek parental permission(hahah , joking! Pls ask your parents k?unless you pay your own phone bills.)

voting is already on going and ends on this sunday 9pm (i know abit too late. but still got time mah!)

thats all folks!

"King Kong"

Few days ago , i went out with two pretty ladies from strikeforce at town area to accomplish some mission (hee hee , NOT SHOPPING). we passed by this BIG tentage , outside wrote OMEGA , i think is some super "high class" watch event. Lo and behold i saw this BIG word outside the tentage:

haha , i took picture with it , i look as small as your thumb size. Great Moments in Time.

I believe alot of us watched king kong before , King Kong always hold the lady Ann-watever in his hand.
Because of what King Kong done , Shu Ting decided to take something interesting. for instance:
The Eighth Wonders of the World: KingKong kaili and pretty lady Jasmine . ROFL
Jasmine decided to take revenge,King Kong Jasmine blowing lady Kai Li off her hand. (i dun look like being blown away.LOL).
After Jasmine blown me always , she even POKE Lady Shu Ting. ROFL!(Shu Ting look like she kana POKE.)
**all the whole story layout is purely fictional , we are not King Kong***