Sunday, May 18, 2008

Watching and reading the latest news of Sichuan Earthquake,

i saw disaster relief team are exhausted , emotional exhausted.

Many died , out of the many , majority are children.

Children , many dreams , vision and futures are CRUSHED by one disaster.

They still have a long road to go, till death , the child is still clutching a pen, holding on to their bright future ahead.

parents who adopted one-child policy , become childless.

The pain on the parents face , unbearable.

i began to lay my hands on the pictures i saw in the news.

Dear God,

May your mercy and grace abound in the land of China. Every single aids and relief , i pray will reach to every single chinese there. i pray for double portion of strength on the disaster relief team , and courage , not to give up in the search for victim under the rumbles. i pray for comfort of those who lost their family members.


you know what? 8 arrested in China for quake donation scam , they should burn in hell.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

its been so long

Sorry guys for a long awaited post. Let me see when i last written...

OMG , Since last November 8!!! which is nearly 6 months!

November 8 2007 , someone turns "neetneves".

HA, enough of emo-ing at one corner.

After reading a post of my friend's blog , it trigger me to blog again. I have lost my motivation to blog for unknown reason , Blogger R&D is still researching for vaccine to revive a dry-up a.k.a lost-motivation-to-blog blogger and i need the vaccine badly *cough cough* (what i just wrote is crap).

I really don't like to blog about things like "today i do blah blah and the other day blah blah." No offences to those who blog that way .

Anyway, My dear friends, i am doing very fine . Just that i have been busy with my university life , not busy with love life! haha , disappointed?

Friends around me , getting attached one by one , times that spend together as friends is obviously lesser, travelling becomes more lonely because no more kaki-s. Nights are getting quieter as you have no one to talk to on the phone for long. (emo-ing)

"Ah Li arh , got boyfriend anot ar? " , its like i hear this every month from my mum, better than those who hear it everyday. hahahah!

I have friends who ALREADY married and have CHILDREN.And they are my age , reason why? Typical teenage problem , with counselling helplines provided , things remains unsolve. But i prayed their individual husband will take care of them with all their life man!

Will blog more next time. I am still looking for a temporary job which i can work until 30 June , got lobang , PLEASE call me. thank you!

before i end my entry, let me show you ....

My handy phone-y Cybershot SE k800i's works:

The person in background is me. It was the longest night ever as my dearest jenjen and i painted the banner for Cg Camp Event. Cool effect by my SE K800i

One of my favourite Best Work ever! The main object is the Camera man at work. If my camera is better , i could have capture the drummer's drumming dynamics.

Took it at random , Busy Singaporean at Raffles place MRT platform. I cant remember when i took. Ha ha.

Emm, i also consider this as my favourite works?