Monday, April 23, 2007

time for monthly update!!! (sounds like someone? >.<) few major event happened for the past one month . first of course is my birthday , Easter , Benny Hinn crusade and and anymore??? haha Million thanks to the all my friends who make my birthday gathering a successful one!!! intially i thought of opening up a chalet but i am too busy to book the chalet and finance constraint.
Not forgetting the gifts from my dearest close frens!!! view here.
Birthday Outing #1 : with Cg babes!!!
location : Sukae Sushi Changi Airport Terminal 2.

me , jen, man and pui(plus ling2 who is on her way)

wahaha, all food we order a few "Dons " like salmon sashimi , katsu don , chicken teriyaki don and other sides. feel so contented after whole meal!

for more pics for this outing , get it here

birthday outing #2 = with the strikeforce logistics and besties!!!
ahem awaiting for pictures from rachel. haha
well, we went to plaza singapura pastamania have a great dinner with SF ppl like Jasmine , Rachel , jaslyn , irenaus , shu Ting , Drew , Michael , kangwei , Darryl , Nick , Alvin and his gf(i forgot her name , is it Levan??)
after that we went to Cathay and watch Number 23, ain't scary but interesting!

Birthday outing #3 : with CG hunks ! lolx
which consist Jun Guo , Enoch and Christopher!! we were too engrossed in eating and joking and laughing until i forgot to take pic. oh well. we have an awesome dinner at cafe cartel city hall. we went to watch Mr Bean after that.

Birthday Outing #4 : with my family members(excluding my dog)
we went to eat at ichiban at parkway parade shopping centre!!
thats all folks!!! will update this post till the pictures come!