Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

happy valentine's day to everyone! Love ya everybody!
this year valentine's day i'm not alone, spending this day with the lover of my soul , JESUS!

today i should consider as quite Horrible day.
i dragged my 100kg feet to school to attend a WBAT evaluation . i dun really wish to go as i didnt complete my project on time or i should say none of my functions is working . after this semester , i begin to lost all my motivation in studies...hmmm, i think i begin to lost my motivation in IT . IT is Definitely not my field. what to do? in few months time i will be in my 3rd year, am i gonna give up? NO! i got to move on to get my diploma, for what reason i'm doing this? i doing it for my family, for my parents. they have fought so hard to bring me up to poly . how i wish i would have million dollar that i could help my dad to clear his debts and my sister overseas studies school fees. i feel the whole mount everest of burden is over me.

LORD, i need YOU.

hide me now
under Your wings
cover me
within Your mighty hands

when the oceans rise
and thunders roar
i will soar with You
above the storm
Father You are king
over the flood
i will be still
and know You our God

find rest my soul
in Christ alone
know His power
in quietness and trust

above and beyond all these, i know the Lord my God is always faithful. i have my breakthrough prayer today. He has rekindled the fire and the vision in me. at the end of the day , i always knew Someone is always there for me, that is none other than Jesus!

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