Friday, March 17, 2006

every single day
spending time watching a fight
with main role of actor and actress
my father and mother

with the fight going on
turns the house upside down
with the noise they make
i can't study well

want to go out and study
but i cant leave my family
in this horrible state
all i can do is to pray

i ask God why
for giving me this father
who only scold vulgarities
and pay $0 for my school fees

everytime i ask for money
he will say no money
he work till late nights
where does it go?

one day i saw my dad drinking
tiger beers with his friends
i pretended that i didnt see him
walk away and cry.

cry to the Lord every nite
doesnt seen to have breakthru everytime
i will keep on pressing in
until You come so true in my life

bring me thru this period O Lord
give me the wisdom for my exams
let the peace of God fall in my family
that Your Glory may dwell.

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