Friday, March 24, 2006

today(23/03) i went to jasmine birthday BBQ at downtown east... went there machiam attending usher outing like last time. haha...

jasmine is schoolmates , study the same course and we are also in one same body of christ! :]
jasmine is also usher IC in our church , probably i was once like her in usher, so we are close also.

People thought that i don't like usher so i leave the ministry. however, i made my departure for my call in cell group.And of course , its an appointed time thus i made my departure. before i left usher , i did my part by rise up 2 more helpers to take over my role and responsibility. to go up another level as a leader in any ministry , you must rise up people to take over your position before you move on.

usher ministry has given me unforgettable experience.i learnt alot alot of things. my leadership skills was trained in this ministry, i can said what i am right now , 60% of it was being moulded by the leaders in Usher ministry. i also learnt how to smile ( haha), how to deal with people .more than this , i've become a more organised person, a person who is particular with details.(haha) talk abt this , been in Usher ministry for about .... 3.5 years. that's long... i remember i win an award as the Usher of the month for being faithful and available.

after all this ,i would like to thanks to these various leaders in Usher Ministry:

  • Pastor Derek ( of course lah , ministry leader)
  • Bro Bao tian ( my 2 years plus section IC)
  • Sister Beatrice (she trained me to be team IC)
  • Sister Yew mei( she makes me smile)
  • Sister Jing Jing( she is there for me in my darkest hour)
  • Sister Cai Yun
  • Bro Gabriel Ho ( haha, you make a legacy in my life)
  • Bro Wayne Chong( 2005 preaching challenge winner, You have taught me matthew 25. i taught other with Matthew 25 and their life changed)
  • Sister ShanShan a.k.a Isabel ( You make my last days in Usher a memorable one!)
  • Sister Shu Xian( my first team IC)

not forgetting my old friends in there!( too many to list!)

it seems like i doing promotion for usher ministry... i just wanna share some experience i have though i didnt put it in detail.

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haha, anyway... waiting for jasmine to send me the BBQ pictures!!!

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