Tuesday, March 07, 2006

a true story

Esther( not real name) and John ( not real name either) get to know each other thru pen pal-ing. Been exchanged letter since they were primary school. there are times my member saw John put the letter from Esther inside his pencil case in his secondary school years and the letter was folded into a shape of a boat. by the time benny was at the age of 15, he brought Esther to christ. their friendship went off even further , they both served in a same ministry. 2 years later , John & Esther attached.They are the only couple i know who does not PDA(Public Display of Affection). but by looking at their both eyes, their eyes were focus on each other as if they are in their "er ren shi jie" which people can feel their love for each other.Both are each other's first love. Few years of courtship has led them to marriage soon

how pure is their love for each other , how pure is their love for God. wow...

this story touched my hearts. wow...

as i continued to serve Him with all my heart , with all my soul , with all my mind ( Mark 12:30), God is moulding an "Adam" for me.

to be frank , i under pressure... for something which i shall i not mentioned. Lord , guide me.

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