Sunday, March 12, 2006

what a great day with Strikeforce!

the nite before i was suffering insomnia, and only manage to get into deep sleep at 6am whereby i went to bed at 1.30am.

Went for cg at jeremy's house, was an awesome by Bro valor and have great time of fellowship with members playing PS2 & having lunch.

Strikeforce in the living room of Benedict's house watching SFV!

today is appreciation cum welcome Strikeforce gatheringat Benedict's house at bukit timah. having alot of laughter and fun there. get to know more newcomers there and friendship with some of the pioneer grew. the atmosphere there is more like a family gathering , with warmth love & joy. this might be my last outing with Strikeforce

we watched drumline movie and at the end of the show , Pastor Tan & bro David came. Pastor Tan giving his speech to of us , to encourage us. one thing that pastor tan mentioned that convicted my heart was about the unity of the ministry . One grudges with one member will cause a dis-unity in the ministry and may affect the ministry in fulfiling vision that God place in this ministry.its not i bearing grudges someone , but there's someone i trying to increase my capacity of love to love that member.

after that , we proceed having our dinner , having fun chatting with newbies at the garden of benedict's house. at night, we watch SFV ( Strikeforce Funniest Video) to vote most funniest video.alot to say but too lazy to type.(will upload if i got the videos! Muahaha! Rallen , Nick & Collin will kill me!) we also watch other performing group performing.

we end our day happily. :]

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