Friday, April 21, 2006

After my last day of work (18 april)for CPF progress package customer service officer, i rush down to esplanade to me my poly gals plus my gang of girls. we meet pretty late at night at 8plus. we went to this tea-cake boutique call the V Tea Room .
images of the V Tea Room:

the V Tea Room has a european tea hous setting , the utensil and furniture and decoration
these food we ate:

the actual size of this Delicious Smoked Salmon Omelette is about the size of your both hands . the salmon is taste like the sashimi which we can taste the inner most riches of salmon taste. for salmon lovers like me, this will make you feel high!~

oh man ,this is a feast for Vegetarian! there's not beef in it as you see the name of the dish. it is mixed with button mushroom , shitake mushroom and another i-dun-know-whats-the-name mushroom which is in the size of a women arm.

the mask looks a little out of place.

Darren and the White Mask.

Hui qin drinking the European Apple tea

hee hee, tat's me tasting the food.

Mr Shegar , General manager of the V Tea Room, chatting with Mr Darren Sim.

after tasting so many Delicious food, we have a chance to eat thier signature cookies. cookies have the flavour of rose , lavender.And usually all this smell is from outside in , now is inside out. we even taste LAKSA(?!?!) cookies, Hebi hian( shrimps) , vanilla pod cookies... too many bizarre cookies to mention.

a great thanks to mei mei for bringing us to this great place. the service there make you feel like a royalty plus the atmosphere is great.

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