Thursday, April 06, 2006

come here to blog a little. suppose to be my solitude(sabbath) day, all thanks to miss nurul that today i got to work.anyway , its ok ,afterall, but i could understand how it feels to work 8 days consecutively in a row. from today onwards , it will be one-man shift, i probably bring all my snacks , books and MP3 to maximise the time over there.

i happened to drop by at enoch's blog:

Purpose has pain with it. Sometimes the pain associated with purpose, is when you have to make sacrifices of your time, of your money, of your energy. When you have to say no when everybody else is having fun, and you have to say no, because you are focused on your purpose.- A. R. Bernard

i totally agree. Purpose has pain with it where by you have to say NO to unfruitful relationships, because you are focused on your purpose.

got to go for work.


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