Friday, April 14, 2006

so here I am on My knees
in the Garden of Gethsemane
will You take this cup from My hands
here I'm praying all I can

My lovely twelve have fallen asleep
they still can't stay an hour with M
every soon the guards will arrive
they want Me dead but they'll take Me alive

as a fight ensue, and one lost an ear
I still love him and he'll know Me a healer
I look at one as they drag Me away
there was Judas without a word to say

I was sent to one who looked lost at Me
he proclaimed no guilt in Me
the rest of them wanted Me dead
he washed his hands off this matter instead

as they tore those stripes right on My back
thirty nine stripes on Me to be exact
I knew in eternity there would be no time
and one of them denied Me three times

on the Via Dolorosa, the Way of Suffering
some mocked Me, while some were crying
an eighty kilogram cross on My back
as a thorny crown rests on My head

nailed to the very cross I carried
lifted up for the world to see
I know that this death was temporary
this time it was the sin of the world on Me

I went down to hell to claim what's Mine
the souls of the ones who were lost in time
the keys of hell is now in My hands
the devil has no right to attempt

so now here I am for the world to see
as I ascend to where I should be
one day the sun will lose it's flames
then the world will know who truly reigns

written by: Ian Lim.

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