Tuesday, April 04, 2006

this morning , i went with julia to have a haircut at chinatown. she do her rebonding , i have my haircut. the hairstylist abit duh... keep touching my hair and say " xiao jie , your hair very nice to touch , soft and silky" . despite i din get my desired hairstyle i want but my hair seems to become much softer. lolx . human is hard to please. i wish to have warvy hair as i have super straight hair . for people with curly hair , always wanted to have straight hair. human beings are so mah fang, agree? to annouce to everybody...
Everybody has been question about my hair and eyes. couldnt blame, God created me to have "perfect" or i should say good condition features.( thick-skinned, i am)

my new haircut worx.
image by Kaibernacle @ macromedia fireworks MX

thank God for peggie , julia and edwin for blessing me a book on my birthday, Drawing Near by John Bevere. the word pierced my heart like a double-edged sword. i have read until the 2nd chapter.Communicate with Him is more than asking Him to bless us , it is to know Him and love Him, the greatest thing you can have in your life.

so guys , lets learn to be like moses in book of genesis and samuel in the book of samuel. their obedience pleases God. For moses, when he saw the burning bush which is not comsume , he did not step back but take off his sandal and move forward. for samuel , he thought Eli called him "samuel". so he responded fast. it show how steadfast is he the moment he was called.i believe in life , Holy spirit might prick you over alot of things . at times , it is always the unfruitful desires that cause us to doubt Him.

Question yourself for what i have just said.
the above context is done by me. not copyright from anyway .

my rant: i'm feeling free for being truthful.ahem...

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