Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

a song i wanna dedicate to my heavenly Abba Father:

Before the world begin
you were on His mind
and every tear you cried
is precious in His eyes
because of His great love
He gave His only son
everything was done
so you would come

Nothing you can do
to make Him love you more
and nothing that you've done
could make Him close the door
because of His great love
He gave His only son
everything was done
so you would come

Come to the Father
though your gift is small
brokeen hearts , broken lives
He will take them all
the power of the word
the power of His blood
everything was done
so you would come

Dear Abba Father,

Thank You for being a great heavenly Dad for all this years in this walk with You. i believe i not been a good daughter for all this while, however , my love for You is ever true and passionate.i always give lots of headache and heartache for You. time and time again , i make You disappointed. at times, i neglect You and ignore You when You trying to talk to me. Abba Father , i'm so sorry. i'm not perfect but this is not an excuse for me not to improve.

Abba Father, Your love is unconditional and everlasting. You always believe in me even no one believe in me. You always there for me , even i have so many friends around me. Abba Father , nobody else would understand me except You. You bottled up my tears and return me the Tears of joy and hope.Abba Father i thank You for the attention that i needed when i need a listening ear. i thank You for the assurance tthat You given me that You written in the word of God. thanks for the affection You given to tell me that i able to accept and love others for Your glory. Abba Father ,Your paitence and mercy that You have for me, make me wept and feel lost in Your presense.

Abba Father, its my fault to discount with You during the service about my earthly Dad. i wept like nobody business as never in my life i took the initiative to hug my earthly Dad. it "kills" to hug my earthly dad. Abba Father i'm sorry. Abba Father, as i sms my earthly dad , give me the courage and love to sms my earthly dad "happy father's day".i will forgive him for Your sake despite the things that he done when i young that hurts me so much. it may be tough but i will do it for You.he is isnt a bad earthly dad but he jus don't know how to love me.

Abba Father , i still thank You given me a great earthly father. teach me to be expressive towards my earthly dad. i believe through me , that my whole family will see Your glory.

i want to be the best daughter that i can be. thank You and thank You for everything. and i looking forward for fellowship with You. it seem like Father's day is practically everyday, hehe... my greatest phrase that i can say to You:

i love You and i love You, Abba Father! Happy Father's day!
Agape~ Kaili :]

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