Thursday, June 01, 2006

so funny ... i have long list of To-Do list that is as long as a receipt, i still wanted to blog.just excited for the event in few hours to come!

satisfied with my previous entry. i think i being inspired by people like Ian especially , Julia , Kang Wei etc. in their style of writing. if there is an award call best Christian bloggers , i would nominate Ian.(read his blog and you will know why).

i like the way they express themselves in blog , simple words yet deep that give me deep grandmother story like someone with surname Yap(if you know who you are, i like reading your blog BUT just that you tend to have repetition, pure faith i should say about you , not dismoralised you , stil love yah with Jesus love k!haha. Bleahx)

in conclusion , its not about comparison between bloggers.

about 17 to 18 hours from now will be our long-awaited conference...


i so excited man!!! wonder what is the next step and challenges for another level as a youth! Expectancy is the seedbed for miracles!

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