Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pastor Kong has made the right choice to preach on Marriage series
it makes me think what are the character of what my future spouse should have
despite the very fact he didnt preach directly over that area
if you don't intend to bear all responsibility, i rather you never admit you love me from the start.
i visited some of the strikeforce members blog , shireen and peggie. peggie say she met reid with his bald head, shireen also met reid with his botak head. and WHY I CANT GET TO SEE REID SHINY HEAD IN CHURCH?*wails~* watever. i agree with peggie(refer to peggie blog entries) , kinda miss reid presense sia... especially after they told me they saw reid. ha~~

i wonder ... if pastor kong were to write blogs:

He definitely will be much popular than XiaXue , BlinkyMummy and May&Choi.

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