Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wake me up when september ends!

wake me up when september ends~
September is coming to an end, this year is gonna over soon. so fast!
so fast! Jesus is coming back , and i will be rapture! haha! what a confession.

let me tell you a story.
there was a young lady ,faithfully serving in a ministry one fine evening.
was trying to push away something to go to the toilet,
behold , a 30-50kg object falls.
the young lady manage to escape with a hairline fracture on her big toe and small fracture on her sole.
what a story.

nahx... you guys should know who is the young lady lah?
on friday nite, my parent bring me to CGH A&E. went for an X -Ray before seeing the doctor. waited for about 10 minutes, the X-Ray report is out. my mum was laughing about the report.

* red line indicate the fracture parts and then this is not my foot , just example. my report look something like this example*

Mum: is that your foot? probably they gave you the wrong one? ( giggling)

Me: i was wondering the X-ray report is on a human foot or animal foot....

anyway, i still wanna thank God that for winning the favour and trust of my parents to go to church and cell group.
my members are very caring , they get me a wheelchair to let me have a better journey to the hall and taxi stand.
My feet couldnt walk for long as it might hurt the other part of my foot.
anyway , the doctor say i might not heal totally that fast , but i want to take out the bandage within 2 weeks.
Jehovah Rophe, He heals