Monday, October 30, 2006

Chocolate Fondue

Note: this event took place last monday
sorry guys... and gals too. been busy with my attachment at Apple. how was it? pretty fine , like the environment , like the iPod and MacBook ... tell u guys next time whereby i can flash my office pic here. and please ar, dun ask me for discount on Apple Products!

parade of pictures in chocolate fondue party!!!:

jen cut the apple. she looks like advertising the apple.

posing with the apple

jen cutting the apple. be careful!!!

the fatty me, smashing the chocolate into small bits

woot~ yummy, even it is not melted(thats Van Houtan Semi-sweet chocolate)

Oh the chocolate is melting! cant wait to dip it in!!

Royal seedless grape, strawberries, Apple and mashmallow

posing for the camera.

i dont know why people say it is so sinful but its a heavenly experience!

Chiong arh!!!! we 3some cant wait to dip the food in!!!!

Argh~~~ beware of housefly , my dear.

me and jen posing ...

per and jen

me and jen again

we loving it!!!!!

this is Mr Mashmallow,Mr Apple and Miss Strawberry before they went into the chocolate hot bath.

this is Mr Mashmallow,Mr Apple and Miss Strawberry after they went into the chocolate hot bath.

jenjen , we not ready for snapshot lah!

Jennifer Lee Shi Hui

Perlie Lee Mei Xian

and who else can this be , Me , Ee Kai Li

Chocolate Fondue aftermath

just US!

we look like Siamese triplets

final picture showdown!!!

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