Monday, October 09, 2006

"God will never give something that you are not willing to take"

you know , these phrase impacted me alot.
As a christian , there are times we come across people that are "unlovable" , " nerdy" or whatever that may leave us with a not-so-good impression of them. thus , we have a tendency to be less passionate towards them.

Especially for my dear friends who is serving in Cell group actively , no matter what kind of new soul that come to us , be it to be gangster , problematic or emotional... they are still the ones God want us to reach out to them. this is what i call Agape love , unconditional love.

if you are desire to be high above others, or to be a leader for the Lord but you tell God: "God, i want to be this-and-that leader , i want my members to be talented , i want to sit back and relax... etc" again , God is not going give you something as long as you are not willing accept the responsibility.

Pastor says :
Divine Empowerment comes with acceptance of responsibility.
i can rephrase ...
Divine Empowerment comes when you are willing to take responsibilites.

lets put it to another example: there is a man who is not so talented in drumming , yet he willing to work hard and another man who is so talented but not willing to improve , so who is the one that the teacher will teach? the man who is not so talented. why? because of his willingness , his good attitude.

Friends, let us enlarge our heart to be more passionate for the lost.

one group of people that i respect them with Salute: CHC Jams church workers.

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