Thursday, October 19, 2006

seem like i not been blogging. i dont know what to blog. even i wanna blog , i have something to say , just that the stupid always lag or what.

anyway , brief description about my life:
i ending my contract with workplace(which is a bank) by tomorrow!!!! next wednesday , it will be my fresh new start in Apple Computer Company!!! finally i could get out of the old antique technology in a "bank".(did i mention the company in earlier post?) why would i said that? can you imagine, all computers are using :

Pentium 3!!! (thank God is not pentium 2)running on ONLY 128 MB of RAM and mind you , storage media is DISKETTE, the 3.5 floppy disk. whats worse , they are using dial-up internet connection running on 56k modem~~~ Somebody , somebody , oh my GOSH~ somebody kill me please!!!anyway , i looking forward to use Apple:

think different, wow~

i came across this while searching for relevant pictures:


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