Sunday, January 14, 2007

this is my final lap in my Diploma in IT course.
i ending with my attachment at Apple Inc. ( no longer Apple Computers Inc.)
i have been ....

mentally stretched...
physically stretched...
emotionally very stretched ...
spiritually super stretched...

i was trained C# programmer in school and expected to programme a business website using PHP. Got use to the "Drag-n-Drop" technology in Microsoft visual studio result in lack of knowledge to create website from scratch ( to create textbox or button by HTML or XHTML CODE only, not DRAG AND DROP). This is my mentally stretched

lack of exercise and lack of sleep result in weak health. physically stretched

i wacked the Apple mouse and my books and soft toys . i broke down couple of times due to the stress in Attachment.
facing temptation ( which i don't wish to elaborate) and trying hard to run away.
(because its not RIGHT TIME)
emotionally stretched

many times i depend my own , not on the Lord .
couple of times my time with You is compromised
spiritually stretched.

looking around among my peers, seem like i not the only one.
its a period where my faith is tested
where character is moulded
an iron ore going through fire furnace
to remove the impurities and become pure and strong iron

i not looking forward for the ending of the Attachment,
i'm yet maximise my purpose in marketplace.


Doreen said...

Hi kaili, Jia you Jia you Jia you! Personally went through what u have went through b4, so understand ur struggles, continue to draw strength from the Lord don't ever let go of His hands amen !Hope that by the end of ur attachment, will be able to see a stronger Kaili emerging! Will be keeping u in prayers :)

Matt said...

If you don't stretch, you will never increase your capacity. So in a way, it's good.
Remember, what doesn't kill only makes you stronger.

lu said...

hi kaili

if you get to stand on the mountain and feel the cold air, remember... it's because you're an eagle.

be blessed!

Kai Li said...

Thanks to all ! hugs!!!

i am still standing strong :]