Saturday, February 03, 2007

here comes the bride ....

note: this event took place one week ago(no time to blog for past few days)

i attended one of my colleage wedding at Marriott hotel with other invited interns like me.
as always , every event is memoriable. we should always take PICTURES! waha ~

it me , elaine , Amy, Jasmine and yunfei! (plus JM)

its taken at the reception area outside the ballroom. Nice Red comfy wall hur?
i noticed something, jasmine kept grabbing Amy( the short hair) arms in all 3 photos. '''-_-

we were told at the reception that we are sitting at table 15. as you see on the figure above(i noe i din draw nice), with Apple logo indicate that was occupied by Apple our "horror" , we sitting SO NEAR to the VIP table and the stage!!! (we are intern only leh , so pai seh to get such a good seats)

not forgetting taking more pictures during the dinner!

waha~ aren't they sweet? "Jiao pei jiu " ceremony.

OMG,thats my dept boss , kim hwee . and boon whee. well, he is a little hungry and the shark fins is nice.

last but not the least..

for Jasmine and Raymond, wishing you with greatest bliss in the years ahead and may you both live happily ever after!!!

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