Monday, November 05, 2007

Having my last paper on wednesday, super duper lerthagic, getting old le, hahah.

in my preparation of my exams, couple of things bring me through the exam period:

#1 : Work space , thats obvious , with a table lamp for better eyesight.
#2 : Chocolates! in any form , Chocolate-coated mashmallows , milk or dark or white chocolate! i know this is a sinful pleasure but c'mon , one who need brain power to study, need something to hipe-up the brain! ha!
#3: PSP. thats my brother's. To study smart is to study hard and play harder! LOLX#4: The sotong "不求人" massager. You can get it less than 5 bucks from Mini toons!#5 : Comfortable Cushion for your back or to hug it~!

i am KO-ed

yea i know , my hairband make me look bald.

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