Friday, November 02, 2007

"King Kong"

Few days ago , i went out with two pretty ladies from strikeforce at town area to accomplish some mission (hee hee , NOT SHOPPING). we passed by this BIG tentage , outside wrote OMEGA , i think is some super "high class" watch event. Lo and behold i saw this BIG word outside the tentage:

haha , i took picture with it , i look as small as your thumb size. Great Moments in Time.

I believe alot of us watched king kong before , King Kong always hold the lady Ann-watever in his hand.
Because of what King Kong done , Shu Ting decided to take something interesting. for instance:
The Eighth Wonders of the World: KingKong kaili and pretty lady Jasmine . ROFL
Jasmine decided to take revenge,King Kong Jasmine blowing lady Kai Li off her hand. (i dun look like being blown away.LOL).
After Jasmine blown me always , she even POKE Lady Shu Ting. ROFL!(Shu Ting look like she kana POKE.)
**all the whole story layout is purely fictional , we are not King Kong***

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