Sunday, May 18, 2008

Watching and reading the latest news of Sichuan Earthquake,

i saw disaster relief team are exhausted , emotional exhausted.

Many died , out of the many , majority are children.

Children , many dreams , vision and futures are CRUSHED by one disaster.

They still have a long road to go, till death , the child is still clutching a pen, holding on to their bright future ahead.

parents who adopted one-child policy , become childless.

The pain on the parents face , unbearable.

i began to lay my hands on the pictures i saw in the news.

Dear God,

May your mercy and grace abound in the land of China. Every single aids and relief , i pray will reach to every single chinese there. i pray for double portion of strength on the disaster relief team , and courage , not to give up in the search for victim under the rumbles. i pray for comfort of those who lost their family members.


you know what? 8 arrested in China for quake donation scam , they should burn in hell.

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