Friday, February 24, 2006

Exams over!

wanted to blog ytd but i too tired and busy study for my paper just now... anyway , it is finally over. quite a long day just now , after my last paper ,having dinner with xiao ling zhi( ling ling ) then went to eugene's mum funeral.

actually , what i wanna share today is about the bible study class i attend on wednesday which is 2 days ago.

extract from the "Authority for victory " :

Jesus redeemed us from the curse so that the blessings of God can now come upon us:

  1. the presence and favor of God will rest upon our lives ( AMEN!)
  2. Your career and business will grow and God will bless your results. ( AMEN & AMEN!)
  3. Should an enemy plot against you , he will never win . Your Family and property( AMEN! i agree)
  4. if you do get sick , it will not last long . You will always recover quicly. (AMEN!)
  5. People will respect and honor you in everything that you do.(YES! AMEN!)
  6. you will have tremendous influence in the city, country and in your community.(AMEN!)
  7. you will have such a confidence and vision for living and you will serve God with joy and gladness of heart. ( WOW! AMEN!)
  8. In short , you will always be the head and not the tail. you will be in need of nothing(AMEN!)

about all those what God promises in the blessing in times to come, with One Man in exchange for His life that we might receive such great blessing.

True love is not i love Him because i need Him. it is I need Him because I love HIm. :]

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