Wednesday, February 22, 2006

i took 2 paper yesterday, which is software engineering & principles of marketing. both are quite tough. in fact, if i can remember what i studied , i probably would score with flying colours. this semester is too short to digest such a large syallbus. others take 6 months to study but we took 3 MONTHS to study , all thanks to TP fast system. i reached home at about 7 plus, dived to my bed without my dinner. i intend to sleep for 2 hours and i ended wake up midnite just now.

anyway 2 papers are down , left with another 2 papers . Kai li , jia you!

this period of exams i have been indulged myself with lots of food like chocolates and snack... i gonna gain weigh again~ UGH

after exams , my figure will be like this hamster...

fat & short .... haha...

my thought of the day:

"God is good all the time , all the time God is good! "

Rev Oral Roberts


byonz said...

ah kaili!!! gambatte!! got time, let's play guitar.. meanwhile, let's go go go! for God in our area of our studies... yay... hugs!

Kai Li said...

thanks gal , always being there for me :]