Friday, March 31, 2006

been busy doing my freelance designing project... it takes my whole week and now i have time for bloggie!! this week is quite " happening " .(hee hee)

Cg outing at Sentosa!!

Image@ Macromedia Fireworks & Adobe illustrator

artisite image taken by Ee Kai Li using Hewlett Packard digital Cam
~brothers' soccer game!

Before this happen , our beloved brother valor frisbie is stuck on the coconut tree. the members use the 5 balls that we brought( You name it , we have it , which ever type of ball you want) to hit the frisbie down. we ended up about 3 balls stuck on the tree. as you look at the picture , TK was that guy half naked, stand on enoch's shoulder to get one of the balls. :D

Lingling( the 1st lady):i'm the first! i'm the first! whoops, my slipper!

my two dearest , sweetest , prettiest, awesome and HIGH CALIBRE babes!! love you gals very much!!! red:SinMan , Black: Jennifer ;]


one of my satisfied Design for my customer !

i think i can do better. hee...

Bible study at YMCA
Pastor Audrey was teaching us in Authority for Victory classes. one thing that she preach reminds of us as the salt of the earth.

"You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt should lose its taste, how can it be made salty? It's no longer good for anything but to be thrown out and trampled on by men. "
matthew 5:13

how do we preserve our taste as a salt? we must be season with the word of God. how word of God can season us as salt of the earth? it is when you read His word , studying His word and most importantly, apply ( season) the word of God in our life. as you obey , He promise us that we are the head and not the tail , above and not beneath(Deut28:13 ), thus you will not be thrown out and trampled on by men. when you loses the flavour , in a dish of food , with or without you will be nothing .However, with the preservation of the taste(which is anointing , calibre , substance .etc) your presense makes a different , makes the dish of food taste better.

Government project service officer
my new temp job ( Thank God) . however , i feel there is some miscommunication between my agent and CPF...shall not elaborate. i pray that this weekend will have smooth operation for me. my birthday is this weekend!!

Outing with Stephanie and Lay chen
we have a great fellowship at causeway point. we laugh like nobody business and we shop a little and take neoprint! its been a long time since i last took...

my rant:
sometime its sad you have people close to you , yet they NEVER believe in you, they claim as your goodfren .i dont really consider as inner circle friend. whenever i soar high , you will try pull me down with your sceptical looks. hey let me tell you , i will not be affected by what you say , by what you think i of me, i know to you i will always lousier than you but i know i'm the head and not the tail. kingdom of God is not about competition , is not about who deserve to rise up or who rise up faster. if you think others are childish , please look at yourself before saying others. people who is not open to correction their attitude SUCKS. i pray i can love you more but you are forcing me to draw a line between you and me. you are infinitely miserable & says He who exalt himself will be humbled and he who humble himself shall be exalted. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO LABEL ME AS A FAILURE. God has the right to label me as who am i.

the above character mention is fictional, any resemblence of a person is purely coincidence.


increase my capacity to love, i pray...


pui~ said...

Hai ya...why did i come later~??See la..outing photo all no have me!*Oh so sad=P*

Kai Li said...

its ok dear... :]
next outing , i wanna be the camera women! wahaha... unless u get me a digital camera :]. Creative now on sale which they sell a Digi camera at 49 bucks. wahaha