Saturday, April 01, 2006

Today is my first day of work at the community center which is about 10 mins walk from my house. the distance wise is good but the working hours is sucks!argh! whatever. i met different kinds of people at the community centre. make new guy friend but didnt have chance to exchange number , is alright , i hope one day i can met him few days later down the road.

"today testimony i wanna share is that i wanna thank God for blessing me a friend and he join me for service and now is with me for celll group. i wanna reach out to alot of my friends as much as i can, to glorify Him and to help to grow the cell group"

Raymond Cheng Chia Liang , age 11+ . members of N241.J-team

can you see the conviction of this boy??? it took me at the age of my upper secondary years to share such a convicting testimony. 3 cheers to Raymond and praise onto the Lord!

to those-who-know-who-they-are :
words could not express my gratittude towards you guys, thanks for running the race with me. thanks for the help that you guys has given me. most of all, i thank God for His goodness and His love for me. i love you brothers and sisters.

agape, kai li
supp papers grade :PASS!!! woot~

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