Wednesday, April 26, 2006

haha... change a little of my blog layout and the skin colour , plus my tagboard also change colour. soon , i wil be using a new blogskin which was done by julia. ( love ya!)

falling sick for the past one week and not totally recovered, what a bad beginning to start my school term.

ignorance towards problems = irresponsible.
how true. my new conviction

roaming around the crossroad
do not know where to go
staring at both signboard
that will change my destiny

the choice i make now
will cause my dream to die
a dream that i always wanting to be
but i have to let it die

for He is faithful
and gave me greater dreams
and open my eyes to see
what i can be more than i dream of

my dream is more than about me, its about Him, the Man who carried the eighty kilogram Cross.

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