Saturday, April 29, 2006

the trinity of oyster

i still sick as usual and it is few hours b4 N241 saturday CG. the night before i was sharing to someone about the oyster story by Ee Kai Li(hahaha!).

---> this is an oyster. i know it look delicious, lets go back to the main point. yeah , the parts of the oyster that we can eat is the meat inside (Definitely not the shell), the stuff that we can treasure is the pearl.

our life and our trinity being is just like this oyster. the shell as your body , what others see on the outside of you, the meat as the soul and the pearl as the spirit.

nobody will know whether the meat is still fresh until they open up and see. Some are rotten(yeeks!) , some are ready to be serve(yummy). those rotten one will produce pungent smell and thats y we find some people "stinks"!(agree?). same situation in ministry, position is just the shell . character , attitude and your relationship with God is being the meat and the pearl. we always hear this from pastor , "cornerstone of our character" , cornerSTONE = pearl.the pearl in the oyster takes time to produce,character that is the "hardest" part to master and it takes time to cultivate. what substain the VALUE of the oyster is the pearl,this true for us. the things that substain us is our character. i do met people carry the "shell" around, how pathetic.

which option are you??:

  1. empty shell
  2. shell with rotten meat
  3. oyster( shell , meat and pearl)

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