Sunday, April 09, 2006

the harvest is here but the labourers are a few.

how true.

this quote is a verse from bible. we often comdemmed the lost instead of salvage them. we often focus on their attendance and neglected their life. in allow the power of God to move in your frens u reaching out, alot of things we need have breakthru before we can reach out effectively.

its often that fear grip us , afriad of rejection , afriad of losing the frenship after invitation from you.however, it is always we make the first step and often things turn better than as you thought.

admiting your weakness is not losing your self-worth , yet is true humanity for those people who wants to be successful in kingdom of God , the power to break the yoke of pride is admiting your weaknesses and change.

to say, i am weak. but He who is in me is Strong.

i have met people that they will never allow people to correct them on their weaknesses , they will result in insecurity and attention-seeking. how sad it would be if the person is someone you call them as " good fren".

anyway , enough of my thoughts.

today i just saw arthur's and reid's new hair colour. one red , one green , machiam like traffic light. ( trying to get their pictures and post it here). ian's one is cool , his hair machiam set on fire. for edwin , he such a poor thing, he only can happy for a few hours of his new red hair colour then after that he have to dye black as he is still in NS. awww.... so sad. saw bro boon de, real cool and stylo as he carry off real well. i think i'll dye my hair a week before emerge conference!

for all the revelations i been writing in this blog , 95% of it is my personal revelation.

hey friends, i have alot of additional pictures on my birthday post, feel free to have a look.

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