Monday, April 10, 2006

geylang is more than a man's favourite hang out, its also a food paradise. with my few strikeforce darling-> julia & denise, we have a great feast!

i forgot to take pictures of the food. we have oyster omelette , stir-fry sliced fish with mixed veggie and beef hor fun! yummy and YUMMY!

i received another birthday gift , a $100 CRUMPLER voucher! love denise & nick lots! muack muack! haha. anyway , this year birthday is a memorable one!

gals , lets have dou jiang you tiao for our next dinner fellowship!

a little rant:
a person with good attitude is open to correction
a person with good attitude does not think they are always right
a person who is mature does not make a big fuss over small matter
a person who is mature will submit to authority

so are you the one i just mention above ?

i being taken for granted for my friendship , he is a my birthday spoiler!

hell knows no fury like a woman's wrath.

you better dont dare me! you have just stepped onto my tail!
i wanna be forgiving...

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