Wednesday, April 12, 2006

i saw the backstage works of easter performance. its alot of sweat and effort put in to put up and set up the stage.i was helping out with my fellow strikeforce members. after then, left me, ian & darryl have our dinner together.

we have Oyster omelette, ba chou mee , mutton cum chicken cum beef satay and a big mug of sugar cane juice. the place we eat is call wat bedok 85 i guess. i agree with ian , the ba chou mee is real nice ! shall go there eat again next time!

someone, who has rejected to become a cgl 3 times for being ask by his leaders. wow, his reason is :" this is not what God wants me to do now"

when opportunity comes , we might just take it without asking God about it.
this happens to almost every single one of us , especially promotion in ministry.

Opportunity + wrong timing = everything bad.

how true. this is what i call he who fears the Lord our God shall prosper.

no one has the right to label us as failure except God, so you just shut up shut up , just shut up shut up!
i know its wrong for me to react this way. i rather lose this friendship than letting it affect my spiritual growth.
sorry for label someone who is a spoiler. you are forgiven :]

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