Monday, April 03, 2006

a long day yet fruitful

attending second service in the morning , awesome service by pastor Richard roberts. i witnessed the power of God heal His people that demostrate His mercy and love. deaf hears , pain gone... etc.

in the afternoon , went for a lunch with the close ones at Rocky Master , Singapore Expo. :] ( you know who you are)

at night , Strikeforce ministry sing a birthday song for me. after training , i went to have fellowship with my fellow jie mei & brothers.

i even meet up with wei li . to wei li: thanks for making the effort to arrange a meeting with me. i appreciate ! (unlike someone heartless, you know who i talking about)

this is from kangWei

from wei li! thanks gal!

its from a guy, no la, its from my one of the besties in poly , hui qin.
handmade roses, nice right? look like real one.

trendy golden bag from Famous5 gals ! love ya lots ! :]

drummers-must-have from claire!

body shop facial set from jaslyn , jasmine and alot to list! ha...

this is from julia , peggie and squrriel Edwin.

more pics to come....

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