Sunday, April 02, 2006

happy birthday ~

all praise to my Abba Father, an appointed day that He created me. since is my birthday , let me tell you the whole adventure of KaiLi's birth.

in 1986 1st April 8pm, a wonderful lady name maggie tan ( my mother la) having her chicken rice and suddenly she feel tummy pain. she went to the toilet and realized the water bag burst. this show something , i gonna come into this world! she was bearing the labour pain. to say , she is a lady of tenacity as she bear the pain for 8 hours! she was in difficulty to give birth to me.she was sent to pregnancy room then nursing room , and even ICU(Intensive care unit).

by april 2nd 4am, Ee Kai li was born and the waste my mum releases as the first object i met.(eeks..)

this is obviously told by my mum and is true story. :]