Monday, May 15, 2006

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past one week was pretty busy for me, busy with school & cg ministry. for last monday & tuesday was quite an "eventful" day , i could have an auntie scrapping her stubborn dead skin under her feet in front of me in the bus.furthermore, that time i not even have my dinner. what a journey on the way home.but her doings brings me a revelation. a revelation of being repressive. how disastrous can repressive be? just like the dead skin under the feet, the more you dont bother to have regular and right cleansing agent , it wil accumulate more and have difficulty removing as result . when removing it , it is painful right? you just hope to leave it as it is. same for us , repress the things of the past disappointments and hurts , if it is not properly dealt with, it will leads to resentment( painful removing of dead skin) . use the right cleansing agent , Jesus christ. to lift up the repression to the Lord , you must :

PUSH : Pray Until Something Happen

pray until there's a breakthru in the spirit realm

haha... how interesting.

let me bring you forward to friday:

a slice of ghetto queen chronicle. haha. so you think you are smart?.
and it is my first time to do supporter fliming for them.

at friday night , a great man of God has come to town . he is none other than Pst phil . it was a word in season once again.

the words his said that i never forget:
"in times of trial is not gonna make you lose everything, it is an opportunity to gain everything."
"a prayer( effective fervent) of man , is the man God uses"

it really challenge me to go up to another level. thanks pastor.

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