Sunday, May 28, 2006

brand new skin

new blog address , frenz , pls take note:

definitely is not about my face or body skin, is my blog skin.
created by Julia a.k.a Zu-li-ya, thanks for this birthday gift. love ya! :]
ytd , i watch over the hedge with Irenaus & xing lian. its really a show that worth my money to watch.! next movie, X-MEN : the last stand
some part of my blog still looks abit funny , fine tuning in progress , jus bear with me
its been a long time since i last blog....

leader C, J.

" You wil never be a success until you produce a successor."

leader B, T.

" You never play drum good enough until your neighbour play as good as you."

are'nt they both telling me the same thing?
however , its convicting and impactful.

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