Monday, May 01, 2006

my labour day rewards from my pals in church. ate at suki sushi buffet of hougang plaza outlet . on your left you can see is our soft , jellyish and fabulous , Mister chawamushi. oh my goodness , it melts in your mouth and left with the delicious essense of steam egg( in fact , it is steam egg)

on your right , you see colourful plates of sushi. we ate total of 20plus plates!!! i have a great appetite!

on your left once again , my all-time favourite salmon sushi!!! with lil' dipping of the light soya sause plus wasabi, it brings up the wonderful taste of this raw salmon.
the snapshot of conveyor belt

tat's me ! eating sushi~ my new short cum tail hair image .
the con- ver-yer belt.

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