Thursday, July 27, 2006

again my late night blogging.
before i chiong my project of my business elective, i realized i'm easily stress. i could vent my things to my buddy and my leader(OMG!) for no reason. i'm sorry guys... pls pardon me, cause i having PMS(what's tat? you dont know? ask a gal). i'm serious , due to my weird body condition ...

i foresee that the next one month i'll be stretch like never before. every week will have submission of the letter "P" , P for PROJECT.i realize every post will have one small little corner shouting and ranting and screaming on the letter, "P"!especially for my major project , i learning Visual Basic and i going bonkers soon with two programming language on hand. others learn over months and i pick up in a WEEK!!!! whatever it the grace of God, this semester coming to end soon! bear with it , kai li , you can do it with God who are the Lord of possibles.

i have a dream , but this dream will be delay due to my calling. God is beautiful in His time, it tells me how impatient i am. by next year , i gonna buy a Drum Set!call me reckless or watever , i gonna do it! seriously , sometimes i feel intimidated to stand up among good drummers, just an area of low self-confidence. on the contrary , in cell group i dont felt this way as helper to my leader. some drummers i do really respect, some.. shall not comment further~ like what Taufik Batisah says in our Emerge conference :"people may critcise you , look down on you , dont care about them , run after your dream." God is God of choices , He give us EXTRA personal space to think , to dream , to reflect about anything,nobody could do that on this earth .

time to chiong the "P".( for i am a chiong-ster, LOLX)

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