Friday, July 28, 2006

i was chionging my presentation for tomorrow CMSK4 class just now. man , this subject is real dumb. at this hour , still doing this presentation and i have to wake up at 6 plus in morning! haha... been reading my frens blog lately. most of them are in the same boat as me. toking school and project and work ,school and project and work ,school and project and work ...and Stress. haha.... when i come to see my blog, i jus realize the semester is ending one month time! better stop procrastinate, work hard & smart!tmr i gonna be a walking zombie. i think tmr go school library level 4 big squarish sofa and zzzZZZ~

having some "fun" with this flash:

so sickening right? ha!
suddenly , a topic came across my mind: "Gothic"
recently , typical singaporean siao gi na(gangster) are on the " gothic " track. not alot of people could carry off gothic, for instance:

avril lavigne.... pretty~ ahem, she could carry off the gothic style. she slim bah i guess... gothic suppose to look a little weakling , sickly... look at jue dui superband of Channel U, the band Lucify is a good example.
On the contrary, if its a fat or plump person in a gothic style:

they look like panda... zhen de, i saw one on the street before at downtown. haha... this is a topic that i discuss with pui and jen few weeks back...


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