Tuesday, July 11, 2006

behold , my sister on her semester break. on a 12 hours elongated car ride to Melbourne from the city of Adelaide( i think i spell wrongly)!!! she is such a fortunate chic!! never mind never mind, when she is back , it will be her turn to pay for me my holiday expenses!! wahaha!!

enough of my craps, let me exhibit some of the pictures that she took in the whole trip!

* drumrolls*
*Cymbals kiang*

wah... cant remember when was the last time i ever see the real snow or i NEVER see b4. i think i did , ICE KACHANG!! lolx

wow... cable cars. but the sky is alittle scary.... raining soon.

the girl in black is my sister, the other is her best pal , christiana.by the way , the wedges she wore, she copy me buying b4 she left for australia! You such a copycat!!! i own one b4 her! blehx!

Oh My Goodness! beautiful right?the conbination of green , brown and blue paints greatly to this picture. how i wish i'm there!
oh my , oh my~ admiring God's creation. He is such a great painter! i felt like diving into the picture! * bang! kana hit the monitor screen*

koala bear. can you see?can you see?

this kangaroo is lying on a sexy position. lolx

cute!!!! this is different from what you see in Looney Toons!
the city of Melbourne!! i saw new bag!! ahem! remember to buy something back for me!

* eye poppin* they are going against Issac Newton Apple theory!!!

* Eye popping and Faint~* pig head for dinner! lolx. better dun let my parents see if not they wil faint too!

after so much showcase of pictures, how my sister looks like??hmmm...


i know what you guys thinking... we dun look alike right??? i know she looks better than me but i have a better character!lolx

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