Wednesday, August 16, 2006

3 days to meet the deadline of my major project. always choose to blog at a " wrong" time.
i was helping Jeremy to design a cover for his assignment, the title is the jews , people of future. thus of cos, i hunt for pictures to edit. squeezing my blood from stone, to produce some creative ideas to design.i felt a prompt from the holy spirit to take this picture from yahoo seach engine

wailing walls...The Western Wall (Hebrew: הכותל המערבי, translit.: HaKotel HaMa'aravi), or simply The Kotel, is a retaining wall in Jerusalem that dates from the time of the Jewish Second Temple. It is sometimes referred to as the Wailing Wall, or as the al-Buraq Wall, in a mix of English and Arabic. The term "Wailing Wall" is considered derogatory, as implicit in the phrase is the image of Jews wailing and moaning over the hardships they have endured. The Temple was the most sacred building in Judaism. Herod the Great built vast retaining walls around Mount Moriah, expanding the small, quasi-natural plateau on which the First and Second Temples stood into the wide open spaces of the Temple Mount seen today.

Jews have prayed at the Western Wall for two thousand years, believing that that spot has greater holiness than any other accessible place on Earth, or the fourth holiest overall, after the Holy of Holies, the rest of the Temple area, and the Courtyard, and that God is nearby listening to their prayers. The tradition of placing prayer written on the small piece of paper into a crack in the Wall goes back thousands of years. Included in the thrice daily Jewish prayers are fervent pleas that God return to the Land of Israel, ingather all the Jewish exiles, rebuild the Third Temple, and bring the messianic era with the arrival of Jewish Messiah (Mashiach).
The Western Wall is holy to the Jewish people because this wall is part of a wall that encompasses the Temple Mount along with the southern and eastern sections. This encompassing wall is thought to be the only remnant of the Temple in Jerusalem and the closest site to the "Holy of Holies", the most holy site in Judaism. Of the three wall sections, eastern, southern and western, the western is the traditional site of prayer.

some information to know about the wailing wall. i began to have compassion and i pray for israel. after a few minutes of work, i presenting to you ..... * drum-rolls*

the final Design. i hope the one who is evaluating on his assignment would be convicted by the coverpage. a picture speaks a thousand words. how true.

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